A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, established in 1999.

In June 2005, Goosefoot, a not-for-profit community developer, purchased a weary strip mall in a prime location called Bayview Center on South Whidbey Island. Their vision: To create a flourishing commercial center geared towards the day-to-day needs of island residents. 

In the summer of 2007, in preparation for initial redevelopment efforts, Goosefoot spent a lot of time listening to the South Whidbey community about its hopes and dreams for an improved Bayview Center. Through public meetings and questionnaires, there was one consistent request: an improved grocery store with good values and access to locally grown produced food.   

In 2008, Goosefoot's previous grocery tenant elected not to renew their lease, slated to expire in the spring of 2009. Goosefoot faced the daunting challenge of finding a new anchor tenant for 21,000 square feet of space just as the economy shuddered to a near full stop.  

Enter The Myers Group, a family-run business who owned that very same supermarket 30 years ago. They wanted to have a presence on Whidbey Island again. They had also recently renovated and opened two supermarkets of similar size in Western Washington. What's not to like?
Chris Hurley, CEO of Goosefoot, first met Tyler Myers, President of the Myers Group, in April 2007, introduced by a mutual colleague. After two years of conversation, 25 meetings, innumerable phone calls, a raft of trial balloons, and a mad scramble for financing, The Goose opened on September 16, 2009.
As the non-profit owner, Goosefoot will return eventual profits from the Goose Grocer back into the South Whidbey community.

Goosefoot's Vision and Mission
Goosefoot is a small community organization with big dreams. A vision of a thriving, socially vibrant South Whidbey Island motivates their efforts. Goosefoot accomplishes the vision by bringing neighbors together to:

  • build a sense of place and community;
  • preserve rural traditions;
  • enhance local commerce; and
  • help create a healthy, sustainable future for South Whidbey Island.

Practically speaking, Goosefoot owns properties and develops them with the ultimate goal of generating revenues that can be reinvested to support the community. 

Please visit their website at www.goosefoot.org for information on their other projects and programs.

PO Box 114
Langley, WA